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  • Ableton Live 9 Suite

    Free Upgrade to Live 10! Purchase Live 9 now and receive a free upgrade to Live 10 from Ableton via download once it is available. Ableton Live 9 Suite is the ultimate package for creative music production and performance. It includes the full range of Ableton software instruments and effects, many additional sound libraries and Max for Live. Learn More
    From: $489.00

  • Encore

    Encore is the standard in professional music notation. Its powerful transcribing and editing capabilities help musicians of all levels get their ideas into print. Fast, accurate, and easy to use, Encore allows you to create beautiful printouts of your scores - using up to 64 separate staves. Learn More
    From: $19.99

  • Sibelius 8.6

    Sibelius is the world’s best-selling music notation software, offering sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools that are proven and trusted by composers, arrangers, publishers, educators, and students alike.

    Learn More
    From: $149.95

  • Photoscore Ultimate & Audioscore Bundle

    A bundle containing Photoscore Ultimate 8 & Audioscore Ultimate 8.

    Learn More
    From: $329.99

  • Photoscore Ultimate 8

    PhotoScore Ultimate reads printed and handwritten music or PDFs in seconds not just the notes, but also printed slurs, dynamics, lyrics, guitar tab, chord diagrams and more. You can then edit or transpose the music, play it back, extract the parts and print – just as if you'd input it yourself. You can even use it on its own to scan in, play back, transpose and print scores, and even save audio files. Learn More
    From: $229.99

  • Pro Tools 12

    Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix music and audio. Create without bounds and work at the speed of your creativity, so you can take on the most demanding sessions and deliver the best sounding mixes possible. And now Pro Tools 12 sets the stage for Avid Cloud Collaboration, the upcoming Avid Marketplace, and flexible licensing options, so you can access the industry standard in more affordable ways than ever. Learn More
    From: $389.95

  • Pro Tools 12 & Sibelius 8.5 Academic Bundle

    Get Avid's Pro Tools 12 Academic and Sibelius 8 Academic along with one year of free upgrades and support from Avid. 

    Learn More
  • VoiceLive 3 Extreme

    VoiceLive 3 Extreme sets you free to focus solely on your performance with groundbreaking FX automation and backing track playback. Awe-inspiring vocal effects and rich guitar sounds run effortlessly by themselves. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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