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  • Drumcore Rock

    Wish you could get a famous rock drummer to work on songs with you? Need an inspirational groove to kick-start a song idea? With DrumCore™ ROCK you have instant access to the grooves of some of the world's best rock drummers plus their personal drumkit sounds! Learn More

  • Drumkit From Hell Ez Expansion

    The DFH EZX contains the essence of what Toontrack is originally all about. The commitment to excellence through collaboration with the best players and producers aimed at helping you to make better, more inspired music. This version of DFH includes both the original DFH release and the Add-On pack that was released subsequently. Learn More

  • Drumkit Pack 1 DrummerPack for DrumCore

    Vintage, jazzy, warm to bright, poppy, punchy drumkits for KitCore and KitCore Deluxe. No MIDI grooves, but this DrumKit Pack serves-up some great drum sounds to serve your quest for the perfect tone for your tunes, including: Learn More

  • Drummerpack Al

    DrummerPack™ AL provides GarageBand™, Sountrack and Logic® users with a subset of the stellar content found in DrumCore, in the AppleLoop format. It includes content by ten "A-list" session players, recorded in world-class studios playing signature grooves, fills and variations. Now you can get a taste of DrumCore quality, along with the tempo flexibility and search categories found in AppleLoops. Learn More

  • Drummerpack Deluxe

    Get nine great DrummerPacks at one low price. Drums for days and enough inspirational grooves to make you stay-up all night writing new music. Just remember to use headphones, so the neighbors won't complain. Learn More

  • Electric Grand Adpak

    This member of the Addictive Keys family combines three distinct characters in one instrument: The acoustic sound of hammers hitting strings, the direct line signal from the built in pickups, and finally a crunchy amped sound to add some grit to the mix. This makes the Electric Grand very versatile and suitable for just about anything from indie rock and pop to house to R’n’B ballads. Learn More

  • Electronic EZX Expansion Pack For EzDrummer

    Electronic EZX® - A modern collection of classic, circuit bent and resampled electronic drum sounds suitable for a wide variety of genres and production styles. Pristine classics, otherworldly one of a kind bends, and gritty must haves make this the hottest collection of electronic drums imaginable. This EZX® includes 33 meticulously crafted kits with additional menus of the most requested electronic kick and snare drums. It also features the ever-popular use of parallel FX processing for unlimited variation and new sonic depths. With this EZX®, you will be able to cover a broad range of popular and emerging electronic genres. Learn More

  • Essential Drums Midi 6 Pack

    The Essential Drums MIDI 6 Pack bundle comes with six individual drum MIDI packs from the Toontrack catalogue, in some cases miles apart musically, but combined all serving a higher purpose: To cover the most defining and fundamental styles of drums in classic songwriting. Find anything from the subtile and focused americana style or the touch and feel of blues to the inimitable nuance and timing characteristic of a great jazz player. Learn More

  • Funk 2 Adpak

    Xln's Funk kit is based on a masterpiece: the Pearl Reference drum kit. Xln recorded it with absolute fidelity in a top studio and had top sound engineers craft the funkiest presets you've ever heard. Craft your own sounds or use any of the 30+ production-ready presets to get to work instantly. Learn More

  • Funkmasters EZX Expansion Pack For EZDrummer

    EZX's are expansion packs for EZdrummer featuring drums and percussion sound banks to be used with the basic EZdrummer module. They also contain additional MIDI files to offer immediate creative access to the specific playing style of each EZX genre. The Funkmasters EZX feature two kit interfaces, one for Clyde and one for ”Jab’o”. The EZX also features effects sliders in the EZmixer, a Vinyl effect created with the use of iZotopes Vinyl plug-in and a large Plate reverb resampled at Toontrack Music Studios, Umea, delivering all that you need to create those real sounding Funk tracks.

    Learn More

  • Galaxy Vintage D

    Galaxy Instruments has released Galaxy Vintage D, a virtual grand piano that is based on samples of Bauer Studios famous 1920 Steinway D, which has served for legendary recordings. Learn More

  • Higgins Pack

    Terence Higgins serves up New Orleans style drum loops, variations, fills and drumkit sounds with a dash of hip hop, funk, R&B, and soul. Learn More

  • High Octane MIDI 6 Pack

    This collection of drum MIDI gathers all of the four titles in the highly praised series of Monster MIDI Packs, the Post-Rock Grooves and the Metal Foundry MIDI. Together, these six collections of drum grooves form a high-octane mix of creative fuel for any writer into rock, progressive, fusion and metal. Learn More

  • Hip-Hop Offbeats Midi

    These grooves will have you venture off the beaten track, into uncharted territory. If you dare to break the mold, paint outside the lines and use some unconventional colors, new patterns will appear. Learn More

  • Hip-Hop! EZX

    As a genre, hip-hop is the true definition of creativity, relentless in its urge to reinvent. Learn More

Items 31 to 45 of 111 total

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