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  • High Octane MIDI 6 Pack

    This collection of drum MIDI gathers all of the four titles in the highly praised series of Monster MIDI Packs, the Post-Rock Grooves and the Metal Foundry MIDI. Together, these six collections of drum grooves form a high-octane mix of creative fuel for any writer into rock, progressive, fusion and metal. Learn More
  • Hip-Hop Offbeats Midi

    These grooves will have you venture off the beaten track, into uncharted territory. If you dare to break the mold, paint outside the lines and use some unconventional colors, new patterns will appear. Learn More
  • Hip-Hop! EZX

    As a genre, hip-hop is the true definition of creativity, relentless in its urge to reinvent. Learn More
  • Icarus

    Icarus offers "a fresh signature sound, which quickly catches the audiences' attention" with an easy to use interface and a over 1000 factory sounds created by professional designers. This synthesizer can do: All classic synthesis methods, 3D wavetables, morphing, resynthesis of samples. It has: 53 effects, 3 x10 stereo oscillators with hypersaw, dual stereo filters with 62 filter types and distortion, an arpeggiator, a vocoder, a wavetable editor and more! Learn More
  • Jazz & Latin

    From traditional jazz to crossover pop and swing, this Jazz & Latin DrummerPack offers 1400 loops and Loop Layers™ in 31 GrooveSets/Song Sets™ covering everything from smoke-filled jazz clubs to Big Band dance floors—with a touch of soul and R&B too. There's everything from waltzes and two-beats to the Latin bossa novas, rhumba and samba's that form the core of many traditional jazz compositions. Learn More
  • Jazz Drums Drummer Pack

    Picture a smoky jazz club on the wrong side of town. It's 2am, and you're one of the last ones left listening. You can hear the swish and swing of the brushes on snare, the accent of the kick, never the same, always unpredictable and yet in the right spot. The ride and the hihat strike up a rhythmic conversation, and it's a pleasure to be listening in. With over 1000 drum loops from 50 to 200bpm, Jazz Drums is exactly what it says, the very soul and heart of jazz drumming. Learn More
  • Jazz EZX Expansion Pack For EzDrummer

    This Jazz EZX features samples performed by the legendary Drum Virtuoso/Pioneer Roy ”Futureman” Wooten. Futureman is a multiple Grammy award winning composer, inventor, and multi-instrumentalist who has been a pioneer in using sampled drums since 1985. He has shared the stage and numerous albums with many Jazz legends. Learn More
  • Kwaya

    Kwaya is an unrivaled choir library offering authentic African voices and chants. With Aba Taano from Uganda, Eduardo Tarilonte has found the perfect choir for this long and intensely prepared project. Learn More
  • Latin Percussion EZX Expansion

    The Latin Percussion EZX for EZdrummer contains the percussion sounds from the revolutionary, award winning pro drum sampler, dfh Superior from Toontrack Music. The sounds have been mixed further at Toontrack Studios and the EZX includes midifiles that will add that extra groove on top of your steady drumtrack. Learn More
  • Lonniepack 1 For Drumcore DX

    DrumCore GrooveSets provide inspiring building blocks for your song and give you a basic groove plus variations and fills at many tempos. Some with over 20 variations in one tempo! Learn More
  • Luispack I For Drumcore DX

    This DrummerPack includes "layered" GrooveSets so you can use either full percussion mixes (congas, shaker and timbale for example) or a single track on its own (such as shaker). Lots of basic "bread and butter" 8th and 16th patterns are covered, along with a huge assortment of individual Latin instruments sounds taken from Luis' own collection. Learn More
  • Luispack II For Drumcore DX

    GrooveSets are "layered" so you can use either full mixes (with congas, shaker and timbale for example) or just a single track on its own (like the shaker). A huge assortment of Latin instrument sounds taken from Luis' own collection are included—all for instant use in DrumCore's MIDI instrument. Learn More
  • Mattpack 1 For Drumcore DX

    ubmersible Music has introduced the new Matt Sorum "Submersible Music MattPack I" DrummerPack, for use with its DrumCore software Learn More
  • Metal 2 Adpak

    Ross Robinson is a metal legend. Having discovered bands like Korn and Slipknot as well as produced seminal albums for bands including Sepultura, his place in the pantheon of metal is unquestioned. XLN Audio is honored to have Robinson producing this kit. Learn More
  • Metal Machine EZX

    Testament, Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Exodus, Killswitch Engage and Devildriver all call the same man to lay the final hand on their albums: Britain's Andy Sneap. This highly in-demand producer/engineer has worked on numerous Grammy Award-nominated albums, is known worldwide for having produced some of the heaviest releases this last decade and has had an instrumental role in shaping the sound of metal music as we know it in the new millennium. Now Toontrack is proud to present the first ever drum sample library to bear his unmistakable seal; Metal Machine EZX. Learn More

Items 46 to 60 of 112 total

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