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French Piano Music: Part 1 & 2

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CD Sheet Music will allow you to own a library of music that rivals the great collections of the world.
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CD Sheet Music will allow you to own a library of music that rivals the great collections of the world.

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This set includes:
French Piano Music: The Ultimate Collection, Part 1
This unique collection brings together over 140 works for solo piano, piano duo, and piano four-hands by both familiar and lesser-known French composers active in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

French Piano Music: The Ultimate Collection, Part 2
This collection features the numerous, varied works for solo and duo piano by Claude Deubssy and Gabriel Fauré.

French Piano Music: The Ultimate Collection, Part 1 - Composers include:
Alkan, Bizet (Jeux d'Enfants Parts 1&2), Chabrier (Pièces Pittoresque, Bourrée Fantasque), Chaminade (Scarf Dance), D'Indy (Poème de Montagne), Dukas, Franck (Danse Lente, Variations Symphoniques), Ibert (Histoires), Koechlin, Massenet (Toccata), Milhaud (Saudades Dos Brasil), Poulenc (3 Movements Perpétuels), Ravel (Gaspard de la Nuit, Miroirs, Ma Mère l'Oye (arr for solo piano), Sonatine, Le Tombeau de Couperin, Valses nobles et sentimentals), Roussel, Saint-Saëns (Danse Macabre), Satie (3 Gymnopédies, 3 Gnossiennes, Embryons Desséchés), Schmitt, and Vierne 2300+ pages.

Alkan, Valentin
Barcarolle, from Third European Songs Op 65, No. 6
Concerto, from 12 Studies
I. Op 39, No. 8
II. Op 39, No. 9
III. Op 39, No. 10
The Feast of Aesop, Theme and Variations, from 12 Études, Op 39, No. 12
The Dying, from the Op 74 Months
Prelude in B Major, from 25 Preludes, Op 31, No. 3
Saltarello, Op 23
Symphony, from 12 Studies
I. Allegro, Op 39, No. 4
II. Marche Funebre Op 39, No. 5
III. Menuet, Op 39, No. 6
IV. Finale, Op 39, No. 7
Toccatina, Op 75

Chants du Rhin (Songs without Words)
I. L'Aurore
II. The Departure
III. Dreams
IV. The Bohemian
V. The Confidences
VI. The Return
Games for Kids, Part 1
The Escarpolette (The Swing), Reverie
The Shaper (The Top), Impromptu
La Poupée (The Doll), Berceuse
Les Chevaux de Bois (Merry-Go-Round), Scherzo
The steering wheel, Fantasy
Drum and Trumpet (Trumpet and Drums), March
Games for Kids, Part 2
Soap bubbles (Soap Bubbles) Rondino
The Four Corners, Sketches
Colin-Maillard (Blindman's Bluff), Nocturne
Saute-Mouton (Leapfrog), Caprice
Petit Mari, Petit Femme (Little Husband, Little Wife), Duo
Le Bal (The Ball), Galop
Nocturne in D Major
Chromatic Variations in concert

Chabrier, Emmanuel
3 Romantic Waltzes (Piano 1)
3 Romantic Waltzes (Piano 2)
Air de Ballet
Bourrée Fantasque
Feuillet d'Album
Habanera (Transcribed by Chabrier)
Joyeuse Marche
Petite Waltz
Parts Pittoresques
I. Landscape
II. Melancholy
III. Tourbillon
IV. Sous-Bois
V. Moorish
VI. Idyll
VII. Dance Villager
VIII. Improvisation
IX. Menuet pompous
X. Scherzo-Valse
Prelude Pastorale (Transcribed by Samazeuilh)
Round Countryside
Souvenirs de Munich (Pants, Summer, Pool, Pastourelle, Galop) Fancy shaped Quadrille on Themes favorite Tristan and Isolde by Wagner
Suite Valses

Chaminade, Cecile
Air de Ballet, Op 30
Callirhoe, Air de Ballet, Op 37, No. 4
Gavotte, Op 9, No. 2
Lolita, Caprice Espagnol, Op 54
Menuet, Op 23
No Amphorae, Air de Ballet, Op 37, No. 2
Romantic Piece, Op 9, No. 1
Scarf Dance, Scene de Ballet, Op 37, No. 3
Serenade, Op 29

Dukas, Paul
Variations, Interlude and Finale on a Theme of Rameau

Little Sonata in Classical Form, Op 9
Poem of the Mountains, Op 15
I. Le Chant des Bruyeres
II. Rhythmic Dance
III. Outdoor Harmony
Sonata in E, Op 63

3 Chorals for Organ (Transcribed for Piano by Blanche Selva)
3 Early Pieces
Ballade, Op 9
Slow Dance
Eclogue, Op 3
Prelude, Aria and Final
Prelude, Chorale and Fugue
Premier Grand Caprice, Op 5
Short Pieces (Originally for Harmonium)
I. The Complaints of a Doll
II. Chant de la Creuse
V. Vocals Bearnais
VI. Prelude to the Ave Maris Stella
VII. Canon I
X. Slow Dance
XI. Noël Angevin
XVII. Canon II
Symphonic Variations

Ibert, Jacques
I. The ringleader of the Golden Turtle
II. The Little White Donkey
III. The Old Beggar
IV. "A Giddy Girl"
V. In the Sad House
VI. The Deserted Palace
VII. Bajo la Mesa
VIII. The Crystal Cage
IX. The Merchant of "Fresh Water
X. The parade Balkis
The Wind in the Ruins (in Champagne)
Morning on the Water
Christmas in Picardy

Koechlin, Charles
10 Little Pieces from 24 Easy Sketches, Op 41
I. Children Of The Sage
II. The Beautiful Flower
III. The Happy House
IV. Hoofs
V. The Clear Creek
VI. Presentations
VII. In Making a Bouquet
VIII. Horns in the Forest
IX. Berceuse
X. Sicilian
Landscapes and Seascapes, Op 63
I. On the Cliff
II. Morning Calm
III. Walk to the Sea
IV. Le Chant du Chevrier
V. Summer Evening
VI. Those who go fishing off in the Night
VII. Evening Anxiety
VIII. Song of the Silver Apple
IX. October Landscape
X. Singing Fisherman
XI. Great Fields
XII. Poem Virgiliana

Massenet, Jules
10 Spare type, Op 10
I. Nocturne
II. Walking
III. Barcarolle
IV. Rigodon
V. Melodie (Elegie played in the furies)
VI. Saltarello
VII. Old Song
VIII. Legend
IX. Fughetta
X. Carillon
2 Pieces for Piano
I. Papillons Noirs
II. White Butterflies

Milhaud, Darius
Caramel Mou (Arranged by Milhaud, Darius), Op 68
Spring, Book I, Op 25
Spring, Book II, Op 66
Saudades Do Brasil (Dance Suite), Op 67
I. Sorocaba
II. Botafogo
III. Leme
IV. Copacabana
V. Ipanema
VI. Gavea
VII. Corcovado
VIII. Tijuca
IX. Sumare
X. Paines
XI. Laranjeiras
XII. Paysandu
Sonata No. 1, Op 33
Suite for Piano. Op 8

3 Movements Perpetual
Five Impromptus

In the manner of. . . Borodin, Alexanders, Waltz
In the manner of. . . Chabrier, Emmanuel (Paraphrase on an air from Gounod)
Gaspard de la Nuit (Three Poems for Piano after Aloysius Bertrand)
I. Ondine
II. The Gallows
III. Scarbo
Water Games
La Valse, Choreographic Poem (Transcribed by the composer)
Le Tombeau de Couperin
I. Prelude
II. Fugue
III. Forlane
IV. Rigaudon
V. Menuet
VI. Toccata
Ma Mère l'Oye (version for solo piano, transcribed by Jacques Charlot)
I. Pavane of the Sleeping Beauty
II. Tom Thumb
III. Laideronnette, Empress of the Pagodas
IV. Interviews Beauty and the Beast
V. Garden Fairy
Menuet Antique
Minuet on the Name of Haydn
I. Noctuids
II. Oiseaux tristes
III. A Boat on the Ocean
IV. Alborada del gracioso
V. The Valley of the Bells
Mother Goose (Mother Goose)
I. Pavane of the Sleeping Beauty
II. Tom Thumb
III. Laideronnette, Empress of the Pagodas
IV. Interviews Beauty and the Beast
V. Garden Fairy
Pavane for a dead Infanta
I. Moderate
II. Mouvement de Menuet
III. Anime

The hours passed. . ., Op 1
I. Graves Light
II. Happy
III. Tragic
IV. Countryside
Rustic, Op 5
I. Dance Waterfront
II. Sentimental Walk in Forest
III. Return Day
Sonatine, Op 16
Suite, Op 14

3 Mazurkas
Mazurka No. 1, Op 21
Mazurka No. 2, Op 24
Mazurka No. 3, Op 66
6 Etudes (Book 1), Op 52
For the Independence of Fingers
Prelude and Fugue F Minor
Rhythm Study
Prelude and Fugue, A Major
Shaped Waltz
6 Etudes (Book 2), Op 111
Major and minor thirds
Chromatic features
Prelude and Fugue
The Bells of Las Palmas
Chromatic Major Third
6 Studies for the Left Hand, Op 135
Alla Fuga
Moto Perpetuo
6 Fugues, Op 161
Album, Op 72
Neapolitan Song
Allegro Appassionato, Op 70
Danse Macabre (Transcribed by Liszt, Franz), Op 40
Menuet, Op 56
Not repeated, Op 86
Rapsodie d'Auvergne Op 73
Romance Without Words
Souvenir d'Italie, Op 80
Theme Varie, Op 97
Canariote Valse, Op 88
Gay Waltz, Op 139
Languorous Waltz Op 120
Valse Mignonne in Eb Major, Op 104
Variations on a Theme of Beethoven Op 35
Wedding Cake, Caprice-Valse (Transcribed by Benfield), Op 76

3 Gnossiennes
3 Gymnopédies
3 Nocturnes
3 Sarabandes
Insights Nasty
I. Pastoral
II. Choral
III. Fugue
Before last Thoughts
I. Idyll
II. Aubade
III. Meditation
Chapters Looking In All Senses
I. She Who Speaks Too
II. The carrying large stones
III. Regrets Of Shut
Sketch and Teasing a Big Bonhomme en Bois
I. Tyrolean Turkish
II. Dance Skinny
III. Españaña
Overview Automatic
I. On A Ship
II. On The Lantern
III. On A Helmet
Embryos dried
I. sea cucumber
II. of Edriophthalma
III. of Podophthalma
In Horse Habit
Childish Pittoresques
I. Minor Prelude to Day
II. Berceuse
III. Marche Du Grand Staircase
Hours Secular and Instant
I. Obstacles Venomstrike
II. Morning twilight (Midi)
III. Panics Granitic
Je Te Veux
The Beautiful Eccentric
The Diva of the Empire, American Intermezzo
Son Of The Stars
Prelude Act 1 (The Calling)
Prelude 2nd Act (Decorative Theme: The Hall of the Great Temple)
Prelude 3rd Act (Decorative Theme: The terrace of the palace of Gudea patesi)
Three Distinguished Waltzes of Precious Disgusted
I. The size
II. His Binocle
III. His Legs
About Infantile Menus
I. Le Chant Guerrier Du Roi Des Haricots
II. Ce Que Dit La Petite Princess Tulip
III. Valse Du Chocolat Aux Almonds
Mass of the Poor
Peccadilles unwelcome
I. Being Jealous of his friend with a head
II. Him Eat Her Slice
III. Take advantage of what he has corns Him To Take His Hoop
Parts Cold Airs to flee
Cold Rooms Dances through
Powder Golden Waltz
Prelude of the Heroic Gate of Heaven (Drama esoteric Jules Bois)
Rag-Time Parade
Bureaucratic Sonatina
Sonneries de la Rose + Croix
Air Agenda
Air du grand maitre
Air du Grand Prieur
Sports and Entertainment
Preface / Choral inappétissant
The Swing
The Italian Comedy
The Awakening of the Bride
Le Yachting
Le Bain de Mer
The Octopus
The Picnic
The Water Fall
Tango (perpetual)
The Sledding
The Flirt
The Fireworks
The Tennis
Three pieces of pear-shaped (Three Pieces in the Shape of a Pear)
True Three Preludes discs for a dog
I. Severe Reprimand
II. Home Alone
III. One Play
Old Sequins and Old Curiosity
I. In The Gold Dealer
II. Dance armored
III. The Defeat of the Cimbri

Intimate Songs, Book I, Op 16
II. On the Desert Road
III. Confused silence (The Walk to Lido)
IV. The Passeggiata al Lido
V. In the Forest Sunny
VI. Song of the Leaves
Intimate Songs, Book II, Op 29
I. Cloister
II. Wake
III. Breezes
IV. Lake
V. Continued
VI. Glas
Pupazzi (Petite Suite), Op 36
I. Scaramouche
II. Aminte
III. Damis
IV. Egle
V. Cassandra
VI. Atys
VII. Clymene
VIII. Harlequin
Evenings (10 Preludes) Op 5
In Dreaming
After Summer
Alien Perfume
One Evening
On the Wave
Recent Pages

Vierne, Louis
Suite Bourguignonne, Op 17

I. Aubade
II. Idyll
III. Entertainment
IV. Legend Bourguignonne
V. At the Angelus du Soir
VI. Danse Rustique
VII. Clair de Lune

French Piano Music: The Ultimate Collection, Part 2 - Contents:

Berceuse Héroïque
Children’s Corner
I. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum
II. Jimbo’s Lullaby
III. Serenade of the Doll
IV. The Snow is Dancing
V. The Little Shepherd
VI. Golliwog’s Cakewalk
I. Danse Sacrée
II. Danse Profane
Deux Arabesques
Douze Études, Book I
I. Pour les Cinq Doigts (d’apres M. Czerny)
II. Pour les Tierces
III. Pour les Quartes
IV. Pour les Sixtes
V. Pour les Octaves
VI. Pour les Huit Doigts
Douze Études, Book II
VII. Pour les Dégres Chromatiques
VIII. Pour les Agréments
IX. Pour les Notes Repétées
X. Pour les Sonorités Opposées
XI. Pour les Arpèges Composés
XII. Pour les Accords
D’un Cahier d’Esquisses
En Blanc et Noir
I. Pagodes
II. La Soirée dans Grenade
III. Jardins sous la Pluie
Hommage à Haydn
Images, Book I
I. Reflets dans l’Eau
II. Hommage à Rameau
III. Mouvement
Images, Book II
I. Cloches à Travers les Feuilles
II. Et La Lune Descend sur le Temple qui Fut
III. Poissons d’Or
La Mer: I. De l’Aube à Midi sur La Mer
La Mer: II. Jeux de Vagues
La Mer: III. Dialogue du Vent et de La Mer
La Plus que Lente, Valse
L’Enfant Prodigue
I. Prélude
II. Cortège
III. Air de Danse
L’isle Joyeuse
Marche Écossaise sur un Thème Populaire
Petite Suite
1. En Bateau
2. Cortège
3. Menuet
4. Ballet
Pièce pour Piano (Morceau de Concours)
Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un Faune
Préludes, Book I
I. Danseuses de Delphes
II. Voiles
III. Le Vent dans la Plaine
IV. “Les Sons et les Parfums Tournent dans l”air du Soir”
V. Les Collines d’Anacapri
VI. Des Pas sur la Neige
VII. Ce qu’a vi le Vent d’Ouest
VIII. La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin
IX. La Sérénade Interrompue
X. La Cathédrale Engloutie
XI. La Danse de Puck
XII. Minstrels
Préludes, Book II
I. Brouillards
II. Feuilles Mortes
III. La Puerta del Vino
IV. “Les Fées Sont d’Exquises Danseuses”
V. Bruyères
VI. “Général Lavine” - Excentric
VII. La Terrasse des Audiences du Clair de Lune
VIII. Ondine
IX. Hommage à S. Pickwick Esq. P.P.M.P.C.
X. Canope
XI. Les Tierces Alternées
XII. Feux d’Artifice
Printemps: I. Très modéré
Printemps: II. Moderato
Six Épigraphes Antiques (Arranged by Debussy from the Four-Hand version)
I. Pour Invoquer Pan, Dieu du Vent d’Été
II. Pour un Tombeau sans Nom
III. Pour que la Nuit Soit Propice
IV. Pour la Danseuse aux Crotales
V. Pour l’Egyptienne
VI. Pour Remercier la Pluie au Matin
Six Épigraphes Antiques (Original version)
I. Pour Invoquer Pan, Dieu du Vent d’Éte
II. Pour un Tombeau sans Nom
III. Pour que la Nuit Soit Propice
IV. Pour la Danseuse aux Crotales
V. Pour l’Egyptienne
VI. Pour Remercier la Pluie au Matin
Suite Bergamasque
I. Prélude
II. Menuet
III. Clair de Lune
IV. Passapied
Suite: Pour Le Piano
I. Prélude
II. Sarabande
III. Toccata
The Little Nigar
Valse Romantique

3 Romances Sans Paroles, Op. 17
Ballade, Op. 19
Barcarolles: No. 1 in A Minor, Op. 26
Barcarolles: No. 10 in A Minor, Op. 104, No. 2
Barcarolles: No. 11 in G Minor, Op. 105
Barcarolles: No. 12 in Eb Major, Op. 106 bis
Barcarolles: No. 13 in C Major, Op. 116
Barcarolles: No. 2 in G Major, Op. 41
Barcarolles: No. 3 in Gb Major, Op. 42
Barcarolles: No. 4 in Ab Major, Op. 44
Barcarolles: No. 5 in F# Minor, Op. 66
Barcarolles: No. 6 in Eb Major, Op. 70
Barcarolles: No. 7 in D Minor, Op. 90
Barcarolles: No. 8 in Db Major, Op. 96
Barcarolles: No. 9 in A Minor, Op. 101
Dolly, Op. 56
I. Berceuse
I. Berceuse
II. Mi-a-ou
II. Mi-a-ou
III. Le Jardin de Dolly
III. Le Jardin de Dolly
IV. Kitty-Valse
IV. Kitty-Valse
V. Tendresse
V. Tendresse, Op. 56, No. 5
VI. Le Pas Espagnol
VI. Le Pas Espagnol, Op. 56, No. 6
Impromptus: No. 1 in Eb Major, Op. 25
Impromptus: No. 2 in F Minor, Op. 31
Impromptus: No. 3 in Ab Major, Op. 34
Impromptus: No. 4 in Db Major, Op. 91
Impromptus: No. 5 in F# Minor, Op. 102
Mazurka, Op. 32
Nocturnes: No. 1 in Eb Minor, Op. 33, No. 1
Nocturnes: No. 10 in E Minor, Op. 99
Nocturnes: No. 11 in F# Minor, Op. 104, No. 1
Nocturnes: No. 12 in E Minor, Op. 107
Nocturnes: No. 13 in B Minor, Op. 119
Nocturnes: No. 2 in B Major, Op. 33, No. 2
Nocturnes: No. 3 in Ab Major, Op. 33, No. 3
Nocturnes: No. 4 in Eb Major, Op. 36
Nocturnes: No. 5 in Bb Major, Op. 37
Nocturnes: No. 6 in Db Major, Op. 63
Nocturnes: No. 7 in C# Minor, Op. 74
Nocturnes: No. 8 in Db Major, Op. 84, No. 8
Nocturnes: No. 9 in B Minor, Op. 97
Pièces Brèves, Op. 84
I. Capriccio
II. Fantasy
III. Fugue in A Minor
IV. Adagietto
V. Improvisation
VI. Fugue in E Minor
VII. Allegresse
Préludes, Op. 103
No. 1 in Db Major
No. 2 in C# Minor
No. 3 in G Minor
No. 4 in F Major
No. 5 in D Minor
No. 6 in Eb Minor,
No. 7 in A Major
No. 8 in C Minor
No. 9 in E Minor
Thème et variations, C# Minor, Op. 73
Valses-Caprices: No. 1 in A Major, Op. 30
Valses-Caprices: No. 2 in Db Major, Op. 38
Valses-Caprices: No. 3 in Gb Major, Op. 59
Valses-Caprices: No. 4 in Ab Major, Op. 62

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Product Details

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Manufacturer CD SHEET MUSIC
System Requirements (Windows) - Windows 95 and higher
System Requirements (Mac) - Version 7.5 and higher


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