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G.F. Handel: Major Choral Works

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CD Sheet Music will allow you to own a library of music for your favorite instrument that rivals the great collections of the world.
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CD Sheet Music will allow you to own a library of music for your favorite instrument that rivals the great collections of the world.

Oratorios & Odes Acis and Galatea Act I Contents
1. Sinfonia
2. Oh, the pleasure of the plains! Chorus
3. Ye verdant plains and woody mountains Recitative and Air Soprano
4. Where shall I seek the charming fair? Air Tenor
5. Stay, shepherd, stay! Recitative and Air Tenor
6. Lo! Here my love! Recitative and Air Tenor
7. Oh! Dids't thou know the pains of absent love Recitative and Air Soprano
8. Happy, happy Duet Soprano, Tenor
9. Happy, happy Chorus
Act II 10. Wretched lovers! Chorus 68
11. O, rage Recitative Bass
12. O ruddier than the cherry Air Bass
13. Wither, fairest, art thou running Recitative Soprano, Bass
14. Cease to beauty to be suing Air Bass
15. Would you gain the tender creature Air Tenor
16. His hideous love provokes my rage Recitative and Air Tenor
17. Consider, fond shepherd Air Tenor
18. Cease, oh cease, thou gentle youth Recitative Soprano
19. The flocks shall leave the mountains Trio Soprano, Tenor, Bass
20. Help, Galatea, help Recitative Tenor
21. Mourn, all ye muses! Chorus
22. Must I my Acis still bemoan Soprano, Chorus
23. Tis done Recitative and Air Soprano
24. Galatea, dry thy tears Chorus
Alexander’s Feast Part 1 Contents
1. Overture
2. Twas at the royal feast, for Persia won Recitative Tenor
3. Happy, happy, happy pair! Tenor, Chorus
4. Timotheus plac'd on high Recitative Tenor
5. The song began from Jove Recitative Soprano
6. The list'ning crowd admire the lofty sound Chorus
7. With ravish'd ears Air Soprano
8. The praise of Bacchus Recitative Tenor
9. Bacchus, ever fair and young Air Tenor and Chorus
10. Sooth'd with the sound Recitative Soprano
11. He chose a mournful muse Air Soprano
12. He sung Darius great and good Air Soprano
13. With downcast looks Recitative Soprano
14. Behold Darius, great and good Chorus
15. The mighty master smiled to see Recitative Tenor
16. Softly sweet, in Lydian measure Arioso Soprano
17. War, he sung, is toil and trouble Air Soprano
18. The Prince, unable Air Soprano
19. The many rend the skies Chorus
Part 2
20. Now strike the golden lyre again Recitative Tenor and Chorus
21. Break his bands of sleep asunder Chorus
22. Revenge, revenge Air Bass
23. Behold a ghastly band Air Bass
24. Give the vengeance due Recitative Tenor
25. The princes applaud with a furious joy Air Tenor
26. Thais led the way Air Chorus, Soprano
27. Thus long ago Recitative Tenor
28. At last divine Cecilia came Chorus
29. Let old Timotheus yield the prize Recitative Tenor, Chorus
30. Your voices tune Chorus
Deborah Part 1 Contents
1. Overture
2. Immortal Lord of earth and skies Double Chorus
3. O Barak, favour'd of the skies Recitative Soprano, Alto
4. Where do thy ardours raise me Duet Soprano, Alto
5. Forbear thy doubts, to arms away Chorus
6. Since heav'n has thus His will express'd Recitative Alto
7. For ever to the voice of prayer Chorus
8. By that adorable decree Recitative Soprano
9. O hear thy lowly servants' pray'r Double Chorus
10. Ye sons of Israel, cease your tears Recitative Soprano
11. O blast with thy tremendous brow Chorus
12. To whomso'er his fate the tyrant owes Recitative Alto
13. How lovely is the blooming fair Air Alto
14. O Deborah! Where'er I turn my eyes Recitative Soprano
15. Choirs of angels all around thee Air Soprano
16. My transports are too great to tell Recitative Soprano
17. To joy he brightens my despair Air Soprano
18. Barak, my son, the joyful sound Recitative Bass
19. Awake the ardour of thy breast Air Bass
20. I go where heav'n and duty call Recitative Alto
21. All danger disdaining, for battle I glow Air Alto
22. Let thy deeds be glorious Chorus
23. My charge is to declare Recitative Tenor
24. Despair all around them Chorus
25. Allelujah Chorus
Part 2
26. See the proud chief Chorus
27. That here rebellious arms I see Recitative Alto
28. At my feet extended low Air Alto
29. Go frown, barbarian, where thou art fear'd Recitative Soprano
30. In Jehovah's awful sight Air Soprano
31. Yes, how your God in wonders can excel Recitative Alto
32. Whilst you boast the wond'rous story Air Alto
33. Impious mortal, cease to brave us Air Alto
34. Behold the nations all around Recitative Bass
35. O Baal! Monarch of the skies Chorus
36. No more, ye infidels! No more Recitative Bass
37. Lord of eternity, who hast in store Double Chorus
38. Plead thy just cause Chorus
39 By his great name Recitative Soprano
40. All your boast will end in woe Soli, Chorus
41. Great prohetess, my soul's on fire Recitative Alto
42. In the battle fame pursuing Air Alto
43. The ardours warm the winter of my age Recitative Bass
44. Swift inundation of desolation Air Bass
45. Oh Judah, with what joy I see Recitative Soprano
46. No more disconsolate I'll mourn Air Soprano
47. Now, Jael, to thy tent retire Recitative Soprano
48. O the pleasure my soul is possessing Air Soprano
49. Barak, we now to battle go Recitative Soprano
50. Smiling freedom, lovely guest Duet Soprano, Alto
51. The great King of Kings Chorus
Part 3
52. Now the proud insulting foe Chorus
53. The haughty foe whose pride to heav'n did soar Recitative Soprano
54. How sweetly smiling peace descends Air Soprano
55. My pray'rs are heard Recitative Bass
56. Tears such as tender fathers shed Air Bass
57. O Deborah! My fears are o'er Recitative Soprano
58. Doleful tidings Chorus
59. Our fears are now forever fled Air Soprano
60. I saw the tyrant breathless in her tent Recitative Alto
61. Tyrant, now no more we dread thee Soprano Air
62. If, Jael, I aright divine Recitative Soprano
63. The glorious sun shall cease to shed Air Soprano
64. May heav'n with kind profusion shed Recitative Alto
65. Low at her feet Air Alto
66. O great Jehovah! May Thy foes Recitative Soprano
67. Let our glad songs; allelujah Double Chorus
Esther Part 1 Contents
1. Overture
2. Tis nobler far to spare Recitative Tenor, Bass
3. Pluck root and branch Air Bass
4. Our souls with ardour glow Recitative Tenor
5. Shall we the God of Israel fear Chorus
6. Now persecution Recitative Tenor
7. Tune your harps Air Tenor
8. Shall we of servitude complain Chorus
9. Praise the Lord Air Soprano
10. O God, who from the sucklings' mouth Recitative Tenor
11. Sing songs of praise Air Tenor
12. How have our sins Recitative Alto
13. Methinks I hear Recitative Alto
14. Ye sons of Israel, mourn Chorus
15. O Jordan, sacred tide; Ye sons of Israel, mourn Air Alto, Chorus
Part 2
16. Why sits that sorrow? Recitative Soprano
17. Dread not, righteous Queen Air Tenor
18. I go before the king Recitative Soprano
19. Tears, assist me Air Soprano
20. Save us, O Lord Chorus
21. Who dares intrude Recitative Soprano, Tenor
22. Who calls my parting soul Duet Soprano, Tenor
23. O beauteous Queen Air Tenor
24. If I find favour Recitative Soprano
25. How can I stay Air Tenor
26. With inward joy Recitative Tenor, Bass
27. Virtue, truth, and innocence Chorus
Part 3
28. Jehovah crowned Invocation Alto
29. He comes Chorus
30. Now, O Queen Recitative Soprano, Tenor
31. Turn not, O Queen Recitative Bass
32. Flattering tongue, no more I hear thee Air Soprano
33. Guards, seize the traitor Recitative Tenor
34. How art thou fall'n Air Bass
35. The Lord our enemy has slain Chorus
The Choice of Hercules Part 1 Contents
1. Symphony
2. See Hercules Recitative Soprano
3. Come, blooming boy Air Soprano
4. There the brisk sparkling nectar Air Soprano
5. While for thy arms that beauty glows Soprano and Chorus
6. Away mistaken wretch; This manly youth's exalted mind Recitative and Air Soprano
7. Go, assert thy heav'nly race Air Soprano
8. In peace and war; So shalt thou gain immortal praise Recitative Solo, Soprano, Chorus
9. Turn thee, youth, to joy and love Soprano, Chorus
Part 2
10. Short is my way; Yet, can I hear that dulcet lay Recitative and Air Alto
11. Enjoy the sweet Elysian grove Air Tenor
12. Oh, whither reason; Where shall I go Recitative; Trio Alto; Soprano I/II, Alto
13. Mount, mount, the steep ascent Recitative Soprano
14. Mount, mount, the steep ascent Air Soprano
15. Arise, arise! Chorus
16. The sounds breathe fire celestial; Lead, Goddess, lead the way Recitative and Air Alto
17. Virtue will place thee in the blest abode Chorus
Israel In Egypt Part 1 Contents
1. Now there arose a new king Recitative Tenor
2. And the children of Israel sigh'd Double Chorus
3. Then sent He Moses Recitative Tenor
4. They loathed to drink Chorus
5. Their land brought forth frogs Air Alto
6. He spake the word Double Chorus
7. He gave them hailstones Double Chorus
8. He sent a thick darkness Chorus
9. He smote all the first-born Chorus
10. But as for his people Chorus
11. Egypt was glad Chorus
12. He rebuked the Red Sea Double Chorus
13. He led them through the deep Double Chorus
14. But the waters overwhelmed their enemies Chorus
15. And Israel saw Double Chorus
16. And believed the Lord Chorus
Part 2
17. Moses, and the children of Israel Double Chorus
18. I will sing unto the Lord Double Chorus
19. The Lord is my strength Duet Soprano I/II
20. He is my God Double Chorus
21. And I will exalt him Chorus
22. The Lord is a man of war Duet Bass I/II
23. The depths have cover'd them Double Chorus
24. Thy right hand, O Lord Double Chorus
25. And in the greatness Double Chorus
26. Thou sentest forth Thy wrath Double Chorus
27. And with the blast Chorus
28. The enemy said Air Tenor 57
29. Thou didst blow Air Soprano
30. Who is like unto Thee? Double Chorus
31. The earth swallowed them Double Chorus
32. Thou, in Thy mercy Duet Alto, Tenor
33. The people shall hear Double Chorus
34. Thou shalt bring them in Air Alto
35. The Lord shall reign Double Chorus
36. For the horse of Pharaoh Recitative Tenor
37. The Lord shall reign Double Chorus
38. And Miriam, the Prophetess Recitative Tenor
39. Sing ye to the Lord Soprano Solo and Double Chorus
Jephtha Part 1
1. Overture
2. It must be so Recitative Bass
3. Pour forth no more unheeded pray'rs Air Bass
4. No more to Ammon's god and king Chorus
5. But Jephtha comes Recitative Tenor and Bass
6. Virtue my soul shall still embrace Air Tenor
7. 'Twill be a painful separation Recitative Mezzo-soprano
8. In gentle murmurs will I mourn Air Mezzo-soprano
9. Happy this embassy Recitative Alto
10. Dull delay, in piercing anguish Air Alto
11. Ill suits the voice of love Recitative Soprano
12. Take the heart you fondly gave Air Soprano
13. I go, my soul inspir'd Recitative Alto
14. These labours past Duet Soprano, Alto
15. What mean these doubtful fancies Recitative Tenor
16. If, Lord, sustain'd by Thy almighty pow'r Recitative Tenor
17. Tis said Recitative Tenor
18. O God, behold our sore distress Chorus
19. Some dire event Recitative Mezzo-soprano
20. Scenes of horror, scenes of woe Air Mezzo-soprano
21. Say, my dear mother Recitative Soprano
22. The smiling dawn of happy days Air Soprano
23. Such, Jeptha Recitative Tenor, Bass
24. When loud his voice in thunder spoke Chorus
Part 2
25. Glad tidings of great joy Recitative Alto
26. Cherub and seraphim Chorus
27. Up the dreadful steep ascending Air Alto
28. Tis well Recitative Soprano
29. Tune the soft melodious lute Air Soprano
30. Again heav'n smiles Recitative Bass
31. Freedom now once more possessing Air Bass
32. Zebul, thy deeds were valiant Recitative Tenor
33. His mighty arm Air Tenor
34. In glory high Chorus
35. Symphony
36. Hail, glorious conqueror! Recitative Soprano
37. Welcome as the cheerful light Air Soprano
38. Welcome thou, whose deeds conspire Soprano I/II, Chorus
39 Horror! Confusion! Recitative Tenor
40. Open thy marble jaws Air Tenor
41. Why is my brother thus afflicted? Recitative Bass
42. First perish thou Recitative Mezzo-soprano
43. If such thy cruel purpose Recitative Alto
44. On me let blind mistaken zeal Air Alto
45. O spare your daughter Quartet Mezzo-soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
46. Such news flies swiftly Recitative Soprano
47. For joys so vast Recitative Soprano
48. Happy they Air Soprano
49. Deeper and deeper still Recitative Tenor
50. How dark, O Lord, are Thy decrees Chorus
Part 3
51. Hide thou thy hated beams Recitative Tenor
52. A father, off'ring up his only child Recitative Tenor
53. Waft her, angels Air Tenor
54. Ye sacred priests Recitative Soprano
55. Farewell, ye limpid springs Air Soprano
56. Doubtful fear Chorus
57. Sinfonia
58. Rise, Jeptha Recitative Soprano
59. Happy, Iphis, shalt thou live Air Soprano
60. Forever blessed be Thy holy name Song, Tenor
61. Theme sublime of endless praise Chorus
62. Let me congratulate Recitative Bass
63. Laud her, all ye virgin train Song, Bass
64. O let me fold thee Recitative Mezzo-soprano
65. Sweet as sight to the blind Air Mezzo-soprano
66. With transport, Iphis Recitative Alto
67. Tis heav'n's all-ruling power Air Alto
68. My faithful Hamor Recitative Soprano
69. Freely I to heav'n resign Duet Soprano, Alto
70. All that is in Hamor mine Quintet Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Alto, Tenor Bass
71. Ye house of Gilead Chorus
Joshua Part 1 Contents
1. Introduction
2. Ye sons of Israel Chorus
3. Behold, my friends Recitative Tenor and Bass
5. Matrons and virgins Recitative Soprano
6. Oh! Who can tell? Air Soprano
7. Caleb, attend to all I now prescribe Recitative Tenor
8. To long posterity Tenor and Chorus
9. So long the memory Recitative Tenor
11. But who is he? Recitative Alto
12. Awful pleasing being, say Air Alto
13. Joshua, I come commision'd Recitative Tenor or boy Soprano
14. Leader of Israel Recitative Tenor or boy Soprano
15. To give command Recitative Tenor
16. Haste, Israel, haste Air Tenor
17. The Lord commands Chorus
18. In these blest scenes Recitative Soprano, Alto
19. Tis Achsah's voice Recitative Soprano, Alto
20. Hail, lovely virgin Air Soprano, Alto
21. Hark, hark! 'tis the linnet Air Soprano
22. O Achsah, form'd for ev'ry chaste delight Recitative Alto
23. Our limpid streams Duet Soprano, Alto
24. The trumpet calls Recitative Alto
25. May all the host of heav'n Chorus
26. Tis well Recitative Tenor
27. March
28. Glory to God Tenor, Chorus
29. The walls are levell'd Recitative Bass
30. See, the raging flames arise Air Bass
32. Let all the seed of Abrah'm Recitative Tenor
33. Almighty ruler of the skies Tenor, Chorus
34. Joshua, the men Recitative Bass
35. How soon our tow'ring hopes are cross'd Chorus
36. Whence this dejection Recitative Tenor
37. With redoubled rage return Air Tenor
38. We with redoubled rage Chorus
39 Now give the army breath Recitative Alto
40. Heroes, when with glory burning Air Alto
45. Brethren and friends Recitative Tenor
46. Sinfonia
47. Thus far our cause Recitative Bass
48. Trumpet flourish
49. O thou bright orb Tenor, Chorus
Part 3
50. Hail! Mighty Joshua Chorus
51. Happy, oh, thrice happy Air Soprano
52. Caleb, for holy Eleazer send Recitative Tenor and Bass
53. Shall I in Mamre's fertile plain Air Bass
54. For all these mercies we will sing Chorus
55. O Caleb, fear'd by foes Recitative Alto, Bass
57. Father of mercy Chorus
58. In bloom of youth Recitative Tenor
59. See the conqu'ring hero comes Trio Soprano I/II, Alto, Chorus
60. Welcome, my son Recitative Soprano, Alto, Bass
61. Oh! Had I Jubal's lyre Air Soprano
64. While lawless tyrants Recitative Bass
65. The great Jehovah Chorus
Judas Maccabaeus Part 1
1. Overture
2. Mourn, ye afflicted children Chorus
3. From this dread scene Duet Soprano, Alto
4. For Sion lamentation make Chorus
5. Not vain is all this storm of grief Recitative Bass
6. Pious orgies, pious airs Air Bass
7. O Father, whose almighty pow'r Chorus
8. I feel the Deity within Recitative Bass
9. Arm, arm, ye brave! Air Bass, Chorus
10. Tis well, my friends! Recitative Tenor
11. Call forth thy pow'rs, my soul; Lead on, lead on Air Tenor, Chorus
12. To Heav'n's almighty King we kneel Recitative Soprano
13. O liberty, thou choicest treasure; Come ever-smiling liberty Duet, Air Soprano, Alto
14. My zealous father, now at rest Recitative Tenor
15. Disdainful of danger Trio Alto, Tenor, Bass, Chorus
16. Haste ye, my brethren Recitative Bass
17. Hear us, O Lord Chorus
Part 2
18. Fall'n is the foe Chorus
19. Sion, now her head shall raise Duet Soprano, Tenor, Chorus
20. Oh, let eternal honours Recitative Soprano
21. From mighty kings he took the spoil Air Soprano
22. Hail, Judea, happy land Duet Soprano, Tenor, Chorus
23. Thanks to my brethren! Recitative Tenor
24. How vain is man Air Tenor
25. Oh Judas, oh my brethren Recitative Bass
26. Ah! wretched, wretched Israel! Air Soprano, Chorus
27. My arms! Recitative Tenor
28. Sound an alarm! Air Tenor, Chorus
29. Enough! To Heav'n we leave the rest Recitative Bass
30. We never will bow down Chorus
Part 3
31. Father of Heav'n Air Alto
32. Oh grant it, Heav'n Recitative Soprano
33. So shall the lute and harp awake Air Soprano
34. From Capharsalama on eagle wings I fly Recitative Bass
35. See, the conqu'ring hero comes! Childrens' Chorus and full Chorus
36. March
37. Sing unto the Lord Chorus
38. Sweet flow the strains Recitative Tenor
39 No unhallowed desire Air Tenor
40. O lovely peace Duet Soprano, Alto
41. Rejoice, oh Judah! Air Bass, Chorus
Messiah Part 1 Contents
1. Overture
2. Comfort ye my people Recitative Tenor
3. Every valley shall be exalted Air Tenor
4. And the glory of the Lord Chorus
5. Thus saith the Lord Recitative Bass
6. But who may abide the day of his coming? Air Bass
7. And he shall purify Chorus
8. Behold! a virgin shall conceive Recitative Alto
9. O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion Chorus Alto
10. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth Recitative Bass
11. The people that walked in darkness Air Bass
12. For unto us a child is born Chorus
13. Pastoral Symphony
14. There were shepherds abiding in the field; and lo! The angel of the Lord came upon them Recitative Soprano
15. And the angel said unto them Recitative Soprano
16. And suddenly there was with the angel Recitative Soprano
17. Glory to God Chorus
18. Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Air Soprano
19. Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened Recitative Alto
20. He shall feed his flock like a shepherd Air Alto
21. His yoke is easy, and His burthen is light Chorus
Part 2
22. Behold the Lamb of God Chorus
23. He was despised Air Alto
24. Surely He hath borne our griefs Chorus
25. And with his stripes we are healed Chorus
26. And we like sheep have gone astray Chorus
27. All they that see Him, laugh Him to scorn Recitative Tenor
28. He trusted in God that he would deliver him Chorus
29. Thy rebuke hath broken His heart Recitative Tenor
30. Behold, and see if there be any sorrow Air Tenor
31. He was cut off out of the land of the living Recitative Tenor
32. But thou didst not leave His soul in hell Air Tenor
33. Lift up your heads, O ye gates Chorus
34. Unto which of the angels said He Recitative Tenor
35. Let all the angels of God worship Him Chorus
36. Thou art gone up on high Air Bass
37. The Lord gave the word Chorus
38. How beautiful are the feet of them Air Soprano
39 Their sound is gone out into all the lands Chorus
40. Why do the nations so furiously rage together? Air Bass
41. Let us break their bonds asunder Chorus
42. He that dwelleth in heaven Recitative Tenor
43. Thou shalt break them Air Tenor
44. Hallelujah! Chorus
Part 3
45. I know that my Redeemer liveth Air Soprano
46. Since by man came death Chorus
47. Behold, I tell you a mystery Recitative Bass
48. The trumpet shall sound Air Bass
49. Then shall be brought to pass Recitative Alto
50. O death, where is thy sting? Duet Alto, Tenor
51. But thanks be to God Chorus
52. If God be for us, who can be against us? Air Soprano
53. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain Chorus
Ode on St. Cecelia’s Day Contents
1. Overture
2. From harmony Recitative Tenor
3. When nature Recitative Tenor
4. From harmony Chorus
5. What passion cannot music raise and quell? Air Soprano
6. The trumpet's loud clangour Tenor, Chorus
7. March
8. The soft complaining flute Air Soprano
9. Sharp violins proclaim Air Tenor
10. But oh! What art can teach Air Soprano
11. Orpheus could lead the savage race Air Soprano
12. But bright Cecilia Recitative Soprano
13. As from the power of sacred lays Soprano and Chorus
Samson Part 1 Contents
1. Overture
2. This day, a solemn feast Recitative Tenor
3. Awake the trumpet's lofty sound Chorus
4. Ye men of Gaza Air Soprano
5. Awake the trumpet's lofty sound Chorus
9. Why be an angel Recitative Tenor
13. Matchless in might Recitative Alto
14. Total eclipse Air Tenor
16. O first-created beam Chorus
17. Brethren and men of Dan Recitative Alto, Bass
20. The good we wish for Recitative Bass
21. Thy glorious deeds Air Bass
22. Justly these evils Recitative Tenor
23. My grief for this Recitative Tenor
24. Why does the God of Israel sleep Air Tenor
26. Then shall they know Chorus
27. For thee, my dearest son Recitative Bass
28. My genial spirits droop Recitative Tenor
31. Then round about the starry throne Chorus
Part 2
34. My evils hopeless are Recitative Tenor
35. Return, return, O God of Hosts Air Alto
36. To dust his glory they would tread Alto solo, Chorus
37. But who is this? Recitative Alto, Tenor
38. With plaintive notes Air Soprano
43. My faith and truth Solo, Soprano
44. Her faith and truth Chorus (Soprano and Alto only)
50. Ne'er think of that Recitative Alto
51. Traitor to love Duet Soprano, Tenor
54. Favor'd of heaven Recitative Tenor
55. To man God's universal law Chorus
56. No words of peace Recitative Alto, Tenor, Bass
57. Honor and arms Air Bass
60. Cam'st thou for this Recitative Tenor
61. Go, baffled coward, go Duet Alto, Bass
62. Here lies the proof Recitative Alto
63. Hear, Jacob's God Chorus
64. Dragon, arise! Recitative Bass
66. To song and dance Chorus
67. Fix'd in His everlasting seat Chorus (soli)
Part 3
68. More trouble is behind Recitative Alto, Tenor, Bass
69. Presuming slave Air Bass
70. Consider, Samson Recitative Alto and Tenor
71. With thunder arm'd Chorus
72. Be of good courage Recitative Alto, Tenor, Bass
73. Thus when the sun Air Tenor
74. With might endued Recitative Alto
75. The Holy One of Israel Air Alto
76. To fame immortal go Chorus
77. Old Manoah, with youthful steps Recitative Alto, Bass
78. Great Dagon has subdued our foe Air Soprano
79. Great Dagon has subdued our foe Chorus
80. What noise of joy was that? Recitative Alto, Bass
81. How willing my paternal love Air Bass
82. Your hopes of his delivery Recitative Alto, Bass
83. Sinfonia
84. Heaven! What noise? Recitative Bass
85. Hear us, our God Chorus
86. Where shall I run Recitative Alto, Tenor
87. Ye sons of Israel Air Alto
88. Weep Israel, weep Chorus
90. Dead-march
91. Dead-march No. 2 (from Saul)
93. Glorious hero Soli, Chorus
94. Come, come: no time for lamentation now Recitative Bass
95. Let the bright Seraphim Air Soprano
96. Let their celestial concerts all unite Chorus
Saul Part 1 1. Overture
2. How excellent Thy name Chorus
3. An infant rais'd Air Soprano
4. Along the monster atheist strode Trio Alto, Tenor, Bass
5. The youth inspir'd Chorus
6. Our fainting courage soon restored Chorus
7. How excellent Thy name; Hallelujah Chorus
10. Behold, O king Recitative Tenor, Bass
11. O king, your favours Air Alto
12. Oh, early piety Recitative Tenor
18. Thou, Merab, first in birth Recitative Bass
19. My soul rejects the thought with scorn Air Soprano
20. See, with what a scornful air Air Soprano
21. Sinfonia
22. Already see the daughters of the land Recitative Soprano
23. Welcome, welcome, mighty king! Chorus
24. What do I hear Recitative Bass
25. David his ten thousand slew Chorus
26. To him ten thousands Recitative Bass
27. With rage I shall burst Air Bass
28. Imprudent women Recitative Tenor
29. Fell rage and black despair Air Soprano
30. Rack'd with infernal pains Recitative Tenor
31. O Lord, whose mercies Air Soprano
33. Tis all in vain Recitative Tenor
34. A serpent, in my bosom warm'd Air Bass
35. Has he escap'd my rage? Recitative Bass
37. O filial piety Recitative Tenor
38. No, no, cruel father, no! Air Tenor
40. Preserve him for the glory of thy name Chorus
Part 2
41. Envy, eldest born of hell Chorus
46. Hast thou obeyed my orders Recitative Bass
47. Sin not, O king Air Tenor
48. As great Jehovah lives Air Bass, Tenor
49. Wisest and greatest of his kind Air Tenor
50. Appear, my friend Recitative Tenor, Bass
53. A father's will has authorized my love Recitative Soprano
54. O fairest of ten thousand fair Duet Soprano, Alto
55. Is there a man Chorus
57. Thy father is as cruel and as false Recitative Alto
58. At persecution I can laugh Duet Soprano, Alto
59. Whom dost thou seek? Recitative Soprano, Bass
60. No, no, let the guilty tremble Air Soprano
63. Sinfonia
64. The time at length is come Recitative Bass
65. Where is the son of Jesse Recitative Tenor, Bass
66. O fatal consequence of rage Chorus
Part 3
67. Wretch that I am Recitative Bass
68. Tis said, here lives a woman Recitative Bass
69. With me what wouldst thou Recitative Soprano, Bass
70. Infernal spirits Air Soprano
71. Why hast thou forced me? Recitative Tenor, Bass
72. Sinfonia
73. Whence com'st thou? Recitative Alto, Tenor
74. Impious wretch Air Alto
75. Dead March
76. Mourn, Israel Chorus
77. Oh, let it not in Gath be heard Air Tenor
79. Brave Jonathan his bow ne'er drew Air Alto
80. Eagles were not so swift as they Chorus
81. In sweetest harmony they lived Air Soprano
82. O fatal day! Chorus and Alto
83. Ye men of Judah, weep no more Recitative Tenor
84. Gird on thy sword Chorus
Semele Act I Contents
1. Overture
2. Behold! Auspicious flames arise Recitative Alto
3. Lucky omens Chorus
4. Ah me; Oh Jove! Recitative and Air Soprano
5. Avert these omens, all ye pow'rs Chorus
6. Again auspicious flames arise Recitative Bass
7. Cease, cease your vows Chorus
8. Wing'd with our fears Recitative Bass
9. Hail, Cadmus, hail Chorus
10. Endless pleasure, endless love Air Soprano, Chorus
Act II
11. Sinfonia
12. Awake, Saturnia Recitative Mezzo-soprano
13. Hence, Iris, hence away Air Mezzo-soprano
14. O sleep, why dost thou leave me? Air Soprano
15. You are mortal Recitative Tenor
16. Now love, that everlasting boy Chorus
17. By my command Recitative Tenor
18. Where'er you walk Air Tenor
19. Dear sister, how was your passage hither? Recitative Soprano
20. But hark! The heavenly spirit turns round Air Mezzo-soprano
21. Bless the glad earth with heavenly lays Chorus
22. Introduction
23. Somnus, awake! Recitative Soprano and Mezzo-soprano
24. Leave me, loathsome light Air Bass
25. Dull god, canst thou attend Recitative Soprano and Mezzo-soprano
26. More sweet is that name Air Bass
27. My will obey Recitative Mezzo-soprano
28. Thus shap'd like Ino Recitative Soprano and Mezzo-soprano
29. Be wise, as you are beautiful Recitative Mezzo-soprano
30. Thus let me thanks be paid Air Soprano
31. Rich odours fill the fragrant air Recitative Soprano and Mezzo-soprano
32. Lay your doubts and fears aside Air Tenor
33. Oh, Semele Recitative Tenor
34. How engaging, how endearing Chorus
35. I ever am granting Air Soprano
36. Speak your desire Recitative Tenor
37. You'll grant what I require? Recitative Soprano and Tenor
38. Ah! Take heed what you press Air Tenor
39 No, no, I'll take no less Air Soprano
40. Ah! Whither is she gone Recitative Tenor
41. Ah me! Too late I now repent Recitative Soprano
42. Oh, terror and astonishment Chorus
43. Apollo comes! Recitative Tenor
44. Happy, happy shall we be! Chorus
Solomon Part 1
1. Overture
2. Your harps and cymbals sound Double Chorus
3. Praise ye the Lord for all his mercies past Air Bass
4. With pious heart, and holy tongue Double Chorus
5. Almighty pow'r, who rul'st the earth and skies Recitative Alto
6. Imperial Solomon, thy pray'rs are heard Recitative Tenor
7. Sacred raptures cheer my breast Air Tenor
8. Throughout the land Jehovah's praise record Double Chorus
9. Bless'd be the Lord, who look'd with gracious eyes Recitative Alto
10. What though I trace each herb and flow'r Air Alto
11. And see my queen, my wedded love Recitative Alto
20. With thee th'unshelter'd moor I'd tread Air Soprano
21. Search round the world Recitative Tenor
22. May no rash intruder disturb their soft hours Double Chorus
Part 2
23. From the censer curling rise Double Chorus
28. My sovereign liege, two women stand Recitative Tenor
29. Words are weak to paint my fears Trio, Air Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Alto
30. What says the other to th'imputed charge Recitative Soprano, Alto
31. Thy sentence, great King Air Soprano
32. Withhold, withhold the executing hand! Recitative Soprano
33. Can I see my infant gored Air Soprano
34. Israel, attend Recitative Alto
36. From the east unto the west Chorus
37. From morn to eve Recitative Tenor
38. See the tall palm Air Alto
41. Swell, swell the full chorus Chorus
Part 3
42. Sinfonia
43. From Arabia's spicy shores Recitative Soprano, Alto
44. Ev'ry sight these eyes behold Air Soprano
45. Sweep, sweep the string Recitative Alto
46. Music, spread thy voice around Air Alto, Chorus
47. Now a diff'rent measure try; Shake the dome Air Alto, Double Chorus
48. Then at once from rage remove Recitative Alto
49. Draw the tear from hopeless love Chorus
50. Next the tortur'd soul release Recitative Alto
51. Thus rolling surges rise Air Alto, Chorus
54. Thrice happy king Recitative Tenor
55. Golden columns, fair and bright Air Tenor
56. Praise the Lord with harp and tongue! Double Chorus
61. Adieu, fair queen Recitative Alto
62. Ev'ry joy that wisdom knows Duet Soprano, Alto
63. The name of the wicked Double Chorus
Theodora Act I Contents
1. Overture
2. Tis Dioclesian's natal day Recitative Bass
3. Go, my faithful soldier Air Bass
4. And draw a blessing down Chorus
5. Vouchsafe, dread Sir Recitative Alto and Bass
6. Racks, gibbets, sword and fire Air Bass
7. Forever thus stands fix'd the doom Chorus
8. Most cruel edict! Recitative Alto
9. The raptur'd soul Air Alto
10. I know thy virtues Recitative Tenor
11. Descend, kind pity Air Tenor
12. Though hard, my friends Recitative Soprano
13. Fond, flatt'ring world, adieu! Air Soprano
14. Oh bright example of all goodness! Recitative Mezzo-soprano
15. Bane of virtue, nurse of passions Air Mezzo-soprano
16. Come, mighty Father Chorus
17. Fly, fly my brethren! Recitative Mezzo-soprano and Tenor
18. As with rosy steps Air Mezzo-soprano
19. All pow'r in heaven above Chorus
20. Mistaken wretches! Recitative Tenor
21. Dread the fruits of Christian folly Air Tenor
22. Deluded mortal! Recitative Soprano
23. Oh worse than death indeed! Recitative Soprano
24. Angels ever bright and fair Air Soprano
25. Unhappy, happy crew! Recitative Mezzo-soprano and Alto
26. Kind heaven Air Alto
27. Oh love, how great thy pow'r! Recitative Mezzo-soprano
28. Go, gen'rous pious youth Chorus
Act II
29. Ye men of Antioch Recitative Bass
30. Queen of summer, queen of love Chorus
31. Wide spread his name Air Bass
32. Return, Septimus Recitative Bass
33. Venus laughing from the skies Chorus
34. Symphony
35. Oh thou bright sun Recitative Soprano
36. With darkness deep, as is my woe Air Soprano
37. Symphony
38. But why art thou disquieted Recitative Soprano
39 Oh that I on wings could rise Air Soprano
40. Long have I known Recitative Alto, Tenor
41. Though the honours Air Tenor
42. Oh save her then Recitative Alto, Tenor
43. Deeds of kindness to display Air Alto
44. The clouds begin to veil Recitative Mezzo-soprano
45. Defend her Heaven Air Mezzo-soprano
46. Or lull'd with grief Recitative Alto
47. Sweet rose and lily Air Alto
48. Oh save me, Heaven Recitative Soprano, Alto
49. The pilgrim's home Air Soprano
50. Forbid it, Heaven Recitative Alto
51. Ah! What is liberty or life to me Recitative Soprano, Alto
52. To thee, to thee Duet Soprano, Alto
53. Tis night Recitative Mezzo-soprano
54. He saw the lovely youth Chorus
55. Lord, to Thee Air Mezzo-soprano
56. But see, the good, the virtuous Didimus Recitative Soprano and Mezzo-soprano
57. When sunk in anguish and despair Air Soprano
58. Blest be the hand Chorus With Soprano solo
59. Undaunted in the court Recitative Tenor
60. Ah, Theodora Recitative Soprano and Mezzo-soprano
61. Whither princess do you fly? Duet Soprano, Mezzo-soprano
62. She's gone! Recitative Mezzo-soprano
63. New scenes of joy crowding on Air Mezzo-soprano
64. Is it a Christian virtue Recitative Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
65. From virtue springs each gen'rous deed Air Tenor
66. Cease, ye slaves Air Bass
67. Tis kind, my friends Recitative Soprano, Alto
68. How strange their ends Chorus
69. On me your frowns Recitative Soprano, Alto, Bass
70. And must such beauty suffer? Recitative Soprano, Alto, Tenor
71. Streams of pleasure ever flowing Air Alto
72. Ere this their doom is past Recitative Mezzo-soprano
73. Oh love divine Chorus
Chandos Anthems Chandos Anthem No. 1 O be joyful in the Lord
1. Sonata
2. O be joyful in the Lord Alto and 3-part Chorus
3. Serve the Lord with gladness 3-part Chorus
4. Be ye sure that the Lord he is God Duet Soprano, Bass
5. O go your way into his gates 3-part Chorus
6. For the Lord is gracious Duet Soprano, Tenor
7. Glory be to the Father 3-part Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 2 In the Lord put I my trust
1. Sonata
2. In the Lord put I my trust! 3-part Chorus
3. God is a constant sure defence Alto
4. Behold! The wicked bend their bow 3-part Chorus
5. But God, who hears the suff'ring por'r Tenor
6. Snares, fire and brimstone on their heads 3-part Chorus
7. The righteous Lord will righteous deeds Tenor
8. Then shall my song, with praise inspir'd 3-part Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 3 Have mercy upon me, O God
1. Sonata
2. Have mercy upon me, O God 3-part Chorus
3. Wash me throughly from my wickedness Duet Soprano and Tenor
4. For I acknowledge my faults Recitative and Air Tenor
5. Thou shalt make me hear of joy 3-part Chorus
6. Make me a clean heart Soprano
7. Then shall I teach thy ways unto the wicked 3-part Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 4 O sing unto the Lord a new song 1. Sonata 24
2. O sing unto the Lord a new song Soprano, 3-part Chorus
3. Declare His honour unto the heathen 3-part Chorus
4. The waves of the sea rage horribly Tenor
5. O worship, worship the Lord Duet Soprano, Tenor
6. Let the whole earth stand in awe of Him 3-part Chorus
7. Let the heaven's rejoice 3-part Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 4a O sing unto the Lord a new song
1. O sing unto the Lord a new song Tenor and Chorus
2. Sing unto the Lord and praise his name Tenor
3. The Lord is great Bass
4. O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness Duet Tenor, Bass
5. Let the whole earth stand in awe of Him Tenor
6. Let the whole earth stand in awe of Him Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 5a I will magnify thee, O God
1. Sonata
2. I will magnify thee, O God 3-part Chorus
3. Ev'ry day will I give thanks unto thee Tenor
4. One generation shall praise thy works 3-part Chorus
5. The Lord is righteous in all his ways Soprano
6. The Lord preserveth all them that love him Tenor
7. Happy are the people that are in such a case Tenor
8. My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord 3-part Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 5b I will magnify thee, O God
1. I will magnify thee, O God Alto
2. O worship, worship the Lord Duet Alto, Bass
3. Glory and worship are before him 7-part Soli and Chorus
4. Tell it out among the heathen Alto and Bass, Chorus
5. Righteousness and equity are the habitation of thy seat Alto
6. My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord Alto and Bass, Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 6a As pants the hart for cooling streams
1. Sonata
2. As pants the hart for cooling streams 3-part Chorus
3. Tears are my daily food Soprano
4. Now, when I think thereupon Tenor
5. In the voice of praise and thanksgiving 3-part Chorus
6. Why so full of grief, O my soul? Duet Soprano, Tenor
7. Put thy trust in God 3-part Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 6b As pants the hart for cooling streams
1. Sonata
2. As pants the hart for cooling streams 6-part Chorus
3. Tears are my daily food Alto
4. Now, when I think thereupon Bass
5. For I went with the multitude 2-part Chorus (Tenor and Bass)
6. In the voice of praise and thanksgiving Chorus
7. Why so full of grief, O my soul? Duet Soprano, Alto
8. Put thy trust in God 5-part Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 6c As pants the hart for cooling streams
1. As pants the hart for cooling streams 6-part Chorus
2. Tears are my daily food Alto
3. Now, when I think thereupon Alto
4. In the voice of praise and thanksgiving Chorus
5. Why so full of grief, O my soul? Duet Soprano, Alto
6. Put thy trust in God 5-part Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 6d As pants the hart for cooling streams
1. As pants the hart for cooling streams 6-part Chorus
2. Tears are my daily food Tenor
3. Now, when I think thereupon Bass
4. In the voice of praise and thanksgiving Chorus
5. Why so full of grief, O my soul? Duet Tenor I/II
6. Put thy trust in God Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 7 My song shall be alway
1. Sonata
2. My song shall be always Soprano and Chorus
3. For who is he among the clouds Recitative Tenor
4. God is very greatly to be feared Air Tenor
5. Thou rulest the raging of the sea Trio Soprano, Tenor, Bass
6. The heavens are thine Alto
7. Righteousness and equity are the habitation of thy seat Chorus
8. Blessed is the people, O Lord Soprano
9. Thou art the glory of their strength, Allelujah Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 8 O come let us sing unto the Lord
1. Sonata
2. O come let us sing unto the Lord Chorus
3. O come let us worship and fall down Tenor
4. Glory and worship are before him Chorus
5. O magnify the Lord Soprano
6. The Lord preserveth the souls of the saints Tenor
7. For look, as high as heaven is Tenor
8. There is sprung up a light for the righteous Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 9 O praise the Lord with one consent
1. Oh praise the Lord with one consent Chorus
2. Praise him, all ye Air Alto
3. For this our truest int'rst Air Tenor
4. That God is great Air Bass
5. With cheerful notes let all the earth Chorus
6. God's tender mercy knows no bounds Air Soprano
7. Ye boundless realms of joy Chorus
8. Your voices raise Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 10 The Lord is my light
1. Sinfonia
2. The Lord is my light Alto
3. Though an host of men were laid against me 5-part Chorus
4. One thing have I desired of the Lord Tenor
5. I will offer in his dwelling an oblation Chorus
6. For who is God but the Lord Chorus
7. The Lord is my strength and my shield Tenor
8. It is the Lord that ruleth the sea Soprano
9. Sing praises unto the Lord Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 11a Let God arise
1. Sonata
2. Let God arise Chorus
3. Like as the smoke vanisheth Tenor
4. Let the righteous be glad Soprano
5. O sing unto God Chorus
6. Praised be the Lord Chorus
Chandos Anthem No. 12 O praise the Lord, ye angels of his
1. Sonata
2. O praise the Lord, ye angels of his Alto and Chorus
3. O praise the Lord, all ye his hosts Bass
4. For as the heav'n is high above the earth Alto
5. The merciful goodness of the Lord Duet Alto, Bass
6. The Lord hath been mindful of us Bass
7. My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord Soli and Chorus
Coronation Anthems Coronation Anthem No. 1 Zadok the priest
1. Zadok the priest 7-part Chorus
2. And all the people rejoic'd 7-part Chorus
3. God save the King! 6-part Chorus
Coronation Anthem No. 2 The King shall rejoice
1. The King shall rejoice Chorus
2. Exceeding glad shall he be Chorus
3. Glory and great worship Chorus
4. Thou hast prevented him Chorus
5. Allelujah Chorus
Coronation Anthem No. 3 My heart is inditing
1. My heart is inditing Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass Soli, 6-part Chorus
2. Kings' daughters were among thy honourable women Soprano and Alto Soli, 5-part Chorus
3. Upon thy right hand Soprano, Alto I/II, Tenor, Bass Soli, 5-part Chorus
4. Kings shall be thy nursing fathers 5-part Chorus
Coronation Anthem No. 4 Let thy hand be strengthened 1. Let thy hand be strengthened 5-part Chorus 17
2. Let justice and judgment be the preparation of thy seat! 5-part Chorus
3. Allelujah! 5-part Chorus
Wedding Anthems Wedding Anthem No. 1 This is the day which the Lord has made
1. This is the day which the Lord has made Soli and Double Chorus
2. Blessed is the man that hath a virtuous wife Bass
3. A good wife is a good portion Soprano
4. Strength and honor are her clothing Tenor
5. As the sun when it rises in the high heaven Recitative and Air Bass
6. We will remember Thy name Double Chorus
7. We will remember Thy name; Hallelujah, Amen Chorus
Wedding Anthem No. 2 Sing unto God, ye kingdoms of the earth
1. Sing unto God, ye kingdoms of the earth Alto and Chorus
2. Blessed are all they that fear the Lord Soprano
3. Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine Bass
4. Lo, thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the Lord Chorus
5. Blessed be the Lord God of Israel Tenor
6. And let the people say: Amen, Hallelujah Amen Tenor and Chorus

Other Works Dettingen Anthem The King shall rejoice in thy strength, O Lord!
1. The King shall rejoice in thy strength, O Lord! Chorus
2. His honour is great in thy salvation Bass and Chorus
3. Thou shalt give him everlasting felicity Chorus
4. We will rejoice in thy salvation Chorus
Dettingen Te Deum
1. We praise thee, O God 5-part Chorus
2. All the earth doth worship thee 5-part Chorus
3. To thee all Angels cry aloud 3-part Chorus
4. To thee, Cherubin and Seraphim Chorus
5. The glorious company of the Apostles praise Soprano, Alto, Tenor Bass Soli, Chorus
6. Thine honourable, true, and only Son 5-part Chorus
7. Thou art the King of glory Bass, 5-part Chorus
8. When Thou tookest upon thee Bass
9. When Thou hadst overcome 5-part Chorus
10. Thou didst open 5-part Chorus
11. Thou sittest at the right hand of God Trio Alto, Tenor, Bass
12. Trumpets soli
13. We therefore pray thee 5-part Chorus
14. Make them to be number'd with thy saints 5-part Chorus
15. Day by day we magnify thee 5-part Chorus
16. And we worship thy name 5-part Chorus
17. Vouchsafe, O Lord Bass
18. O Lord, in thee have I trusted Alto, 5-part Chorus
Foundling Hospital Anthem Blessed are they that consider the poor
1. Blessed are they that consider the poor Tenor
2. Blessed are they that consider the poor Chorus
3. O God who from the suckling's mouth Contralto
4. The Charitable shall be had in everlasting remembrance Chorus
5. Comfort them, O Lord Chorus
6. The people will tell of their wisdom Duet Soprano I/II
7. Hallelujah, for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth Chorus
Utrecht Jubilate
1. O be joyful in the world Alto, Chorus
2. Serve the Lord with gladness Chorus
3. Duet Alto, Bass
4. Chorus
5. For the Lord is gracious Trio Alto, Tenor, Bass
6. Glory be to the Father Double Chorus
7. As it was in the beginning Chorus
Utrecht Te Deum Contents
Part I A We praise thee, O God Chorus
B All the earth doth worship thee Chorus
C To thee all Angels cry aloud Tenor I/II Soli, Chorus (Tenor, Bass)
D To thee, Cherubin and Seraphim Soprano I/II Soli, 5-part Chorus
Part II A The glorious company of the Apostles praise Soprano I/II, Tenor, Bass Soli, 5-part Chorus
B Thou art the King of glory 5-part Chorus
Part III A When Thou tookest upon thee Air Tenor
B When Thou hadst overcome Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass Soli, 5-part Chorus
C Thou sittest at the right hand of God 5-part Chorus
Part IV We believe that Thou shalt come Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass Soli, 5-part Childrens' Chorus
Part V A Day by day we magnify thee Double Chorus
B And we worship thy name 5-part Chorus
Part VI Vouchsafe, O Lord Soprano I/II, Tenor I/II, Bass Soli, 6-part Childrens' Chorus
Part VII O Lord, in thee have I trusted 5-part Choru

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