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  • Jazz Piano Master Class Volume 1 & 2

    The Jazz Piano MasterClass contains over 60 lessons, covering everything from Roots and Shells, Block Chords, Stride Piano, Playing the Blues, Scales, Common Progressions, Improvisation and more.

    Learn More

  • Oscar Peterson Multimedia CD-ROM

    Jazz Piano legend Oscar Peterson brings an exciting level of artistry to the Multimedia experience in this signature CD-ROM. This rich treasury integrates interactive audio/visual performances with on-screen piano display and notation. You can see and study exactly what the master is playing! Join Oscar for a musical journey through his life and career. There's also a comprehensive Multimedia autobiography loaded with audio and video clips plus exclusive photographs from Oscar Peterson's private collection. Learn More

  • Piano Suite Keyboard Connection Bundle

    The Adventus Piano Suite Bundle offers Piano Suite Premiere and a MIDI interface so you can connect your keyboard to your computer. Learn More

  • Piano Suite Premiere

    No matter what your age, Piano Suite will help you through the learning process with the help of an interactive voice tutor and provide continuous feedback on your playing until you master the piece. With intuitive controls, speaking menus, extensive curriculum, composer/editor and successful teaching methods, Piano Suite is designed to suit beginners of all ages. Learn More
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  • Piano Suite Premiere Scan & Play Edition

    Exclusive from Kelly's Music & Computers! Scan any sheet music into your computer using SmartScore Piano Edition and then learn to play it using Piano Suite Premiere! Learn More

  • Piano Suite Premiere USB Keyboard Bundle

    The Adventus Piano Suite Bundle offers Piano Suite Premier and a 49 key USB MIDI keyboard with all of the accessories so you can learn to play piano with the help of your computer! Learn More

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