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  • Dolphin Don's Music School

    Dolphin Don’s Music School is a set of thirteen educational music games suitable for ages 6 to 106. Learn to read music – learn ear-training and reading of notes, rhythms, key signatures, intervals, and chords. This music software has games for the absolute beginner music student. Also, serious music students can challenge their music reading and ear-training skills with college-level material. Effective for individual or classroom use, the program keeps track of personal scores for an unlimited number of players. Learn More

  • Groovy Music

    Students can once again enjoy the fantastic creative fun of Groovy Music as part of the Music First Online Classroom, or as a standalone application. Learn More
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  • Groovy Music & Morton Subotnick's Music Academy

    This bundle includes both Groovy Music and Morton Subotnick's Music Academy. Please see each product page for more details.

    Learn More
    From: $139.99

  • Morton Subotnick’s Music Academy

    This new ear training and music making method was created by a master educator and respected pioneer in electronic music and multi-media performance. Here Morton Subotnick presents a child-friendly, experimental approach for learning, creating and performing music that every student can excel at. Learn More
    From: $69.99

  • Music Ace

    Created by music educators, this is our number one choice for music education. 24 engaging lessons emphasize music fundamentals in this self-paced interactive program. Games help reinforce and evaluate student progress. Comprehensive reporting allows for continuous assessment. Added bonus: Doodle Pad allows you to create your own music! Learn More
    From: $59.99

  • Music Ace 2

    Music Ace 2 features 2000 musical examples and covers treble, alto and bass clefs. Music Ace 2 picks up where Music Ace leaves off with an introduction to standard notation, rhythm, melody, harmony, intervals and much more. It includes Maestro Max, the Doodle Pad and the tracking abilities of Music Ace 1. Learn More
    From: $59.99

  • Music Ace Deluxe

    Music Ace Deluxe combines 36 of the highly-engaging music lessons from the award-winning Music Ace and Music Ace 2 products into a single, carefully sequenced product. Designed by music education professionals, Music Ace Deluxe is a comprehensive series of music lessons and games that teach beginning music students of all ages the basics of music theory, rhythm, pitch, note reading, listening, and the keyboard. Learn More

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  • Music Ace Maestro

    Music Ace Maestro combines all 48 lessons from Music Ace and Music Ace 2 with Maestro Manager a suite of educator-focused student assessment and curriculum management tools. Learn More
    From: $149.99

  • Musical Arcade

    Get four programs for the price of one with the PG Music Musical Arcade! This program is a stand-alone launcher for the arcade-style games. Each game is designed to help train your ear and musical memory in different ways. Learn More

  • MusicFirst

    MusicFirst - Teach Music in a Connected World. MusicFirst is a complete online classroom for K-12 music education, with engaging content and integrated software that provides you with everything you need to teach music in a connected world. Learn More
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  • Piano Ace

    The lessons of Piano Ace are a comprehensive series of lessons and games that teach beginning piano and music students of all ages the basics of music theory, rhythm, pitch, note reading, listening, and the keyboard. No previous musical experience or instrument is required. Learn More

  • World Of Music Intermediate Classroom Edition

    For ages 7 and up. Just like languages, music and instruments are different around the globe. Use the innovative “musical canvas” tool to draw compositions using the sounds of four distinct regions of the world: North America, Asia West Africa and the Middle-East. Pick a region, then pick an instrument, and compose your own music. Visualize the different elements of pitch and rhythm and explore your musical potential! This more advanced version provides more tools for composing, such as combining rhythm and melodies for a complete piece! Learn More

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