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  • Harmony & Backing Vocals In Worship DVD Vol 1 & 2

    Learn to sing harmonies and discover the art of backing vocals

    A total of 5 hours instruction on two DVDs designed for both male and female singers at any level who’d like to learn how to harmonize or improve their backing vocals skills. Together the DVDs contains high quality backing tracks to 20 worship songs. Learn More
  • Improvisation Skills For Instrumentalists In Worship DVD

    This 3-DVD course is designed for any single melody instrument wanting to play by ear and improvise in contemporary worship. Perfect for woodwind, brass and stringed instruments.

    Adapt your classical skills to play by ear in worship without the music! Learn More
  • Song Learner For Worship Bass DVD Vol 1-3

    The Musicademy Song Learner series is designed to teach the bass parts to worship songs, furthering the techniques you have learnt form the Musicademy Worship Bass DVDs.

    Each bass lesson is designed to teach you a great worship bass guitar part for a well known worship song. You can then apply the techniques to other worship songs too. Learn More
  • Song Learner For Worship Guitar DVD Vol 1-3

    Nineteen guitar lessons at a great price teaching contemporary worship songs which enable you to master new strumming patterns, find easy shapes for complex sounding chords, cheats for quick chord changes, plus hints, tips and techniques which will further your playing beyond learning the song itself. Learn More
  • Worship Backing Band DVD For Churches

    No worship band or are you the only musician?

    54 backing tracks on DVD with on screen words for churches and small groups to use in corporate worship times.
    Includes many of the best modern worship classics and upcoming new songs recorded in easy to sing keys by world class musicians.

    Select any song with or without lead vocals with a simple to navigate menu system. Learn More
  • Worship Backing Band Practice Tracks For Musicians

    Would you like to practice playing worship songs with a pro band?

    54 practice backing tracks on DVD with animated on-screen lyrics and chord charts.

    Select any song without either vocals, drums (click included), electric guitars, bass or keys and play along!
    Worshipfully produced by world class Christian musicians like Ben Cantelon, Paul Evans, Marc James, Cathy Burton, Matt Weeks, Mark Edwards, Dan Wheeler, Steve Harding and others using the Encounter Worship recordings. Learn More

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