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  • ACUNA 88

    The Acuna series is a totally new high end, though extremely affordable keyboard controller for a wide range of applications. Learn More

  • MP 113 Pedalboard

    The MP 113 is a 1 Octave / 13 keys, dynamic MIDI pedalboard. The pedalboard brings the studiologic touch to your feet allowing control of any MIDI device. Learn More

  • Numa Concert

    The Studiologic Numa Concert is a professional live performance digital piano and a high definition keyboard controller, with 88 keys Graded Hammer Action, solid wood key body and Ivory touch on the top surface of the white keys. Learn More

  • Numa Organ 2

    Get inspired by the new Numa Organ 2! Its Physical Modeling synthesis is the most authentic revival of the sound of an electromechanical tone wheel organ. But the Numa Organ 2 is much more! Learn More

  • Numa Stage

    Numa Stage is more than a simple musical instrument, since it combines the performances of a state-of-the-art digital piano and a powerful Masterkeyboard; designed as a perfect evolution of the Numa Piano, Learn More

  • SL88 Grand

    More than 30 years’ experience in exclusive keybeds meets an all-new, powerful, operating system. Perfect for you to control your hardware and virtual instruments. All provided in a powerful new refreshing way. Learn More

  • Sledge 2.0

    Studiologic is proud to introduce a new 2.0 version of its renowned Sledge synthesizer, with new features and sound innovations that will set this instrument above any competitor, thanks to new mix of pure synthesis and sound sampling. Learn More

  • StudioLogic MP-117 Controller Pedal Board

    The MP-117 Controller Pedal Board features 17 solid wood tipped pedals and may be used as a MIDI organ pedal board, or send control and program change information to your MIDI keyboard controller, sound module, etc. The MP-117 may also be used to trigger lighting, sequencers and in other applications a MIDI control pedal would be used. Learn More

  • SL88 Studio Keyboard

    The SL88 Studio extends the SL CONTROLLERS line providing the perfect combination of lightness and all the powerful features of the product line. Learn More

  • SL73 Studio Keyboard

    Powerful and light, the perfect combination. Learn More

  • SL Magnetic Music Stand

    Designed for the SL Controllers, the SL Magnetic Music Stand is the ideal support for your composition and your music. Attach it to the rail and start to play. Learn More

  • Numa Compact 2

    The Numa Compact 2 is completely redesigned from the base. In a very compact size and lightweight cabinet StudioLogic has integrated a totally new technology directly derived from high quality and professional keyboards. Learn More

  • SL Magnetic Computer Plate

    The SL Magnetic Computer Plate, designed for the SL Controllers, allows you to magically increase your music space. It's the ideal support for your laptop or any other small device you need at your fingertips while you are playing. Learn More

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