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  • iQ7 MS Stereo Microphone

    When you're ready to take your iOS audio to the next level, plug in a Zoom iQ7. This compact yet full-featured mid-side stereo condenser mic is perfect for capturing music as well as video with outstanding audio. With the iQ7, you can create great-sounding recordings on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch any time, any place. Learn More

  • sE8 SP Matched Pair

    As with all of sE Electronics factory-matched pairs, every mic ending up in a sE8 Stereo Pair configuration is hand-selected from hundreds of individual microphones. This ensures identical performance and the highest possible mic-to-mic consistency, so you can rest assured that your stereo image will be as clear & accurate as possible. Learn More

  • 440/441 Recording Condenser Mic Kit

    The MXL 440/441 is a beautiful microphone ensemble designed to complement a wide variety of vocal and instrument applications. Learn More

  • A-188 Mic Stand

    Desk tripod microphone stand with rubber mic holder Learn More

  • AC-404

    The AC-404 is designed to capture crystal clear speech intelligibility for Houses of Worship, web conferencing, court reporting, and more with easy plug-and-play USB connectivity. Learn More

  • Airturn goSTAND

    If you’re a traveling musician or performer, or simply have to take your mic stand to the garage down the street, carrying a mic stand has always been an awkward task. Learn More

  • Apogee MiC+

    USB Microphone for iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC Learn More

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  • Artesia AMC-10

    This large diaphragm studio condenser mic captures every detail in vocals & instruments Learn More

  • AT2010 Condenser Mic

    The AT2010 is designed to bring the studio-quality articulation and intelligibility of Audio-Technica’s renowned 20 Series to the stage, for crystal-clear vocal performances. Learn More

  • AT2020USB+

    Equipped with a USB output, the AT2020USB+ is designed for digitally capturing music or any acoustic audio source using your favorite recording software. Learn More

  • AT4040 Condenser Mic

    The AT4040 side-address condenser microphone features an advanced large diaphragm tensioned specifically to provide smooth, natural sonic characteristics. A marriage of technical precision and artistic inspiration, the AT4040 offers exceptionally low noise, wide dynamic range and high-SPL capability for greatest versatility. Learn More

  • Baby Bottle SL

    Baby Bottle SL is a cardioid condenser microphone that delivers classic sound and incredible versatility. Learn More

  • Bluebird SL

    Bluebird SL, a large diaphragm studio condenser microphone delivers pristine, highly versatile sound that makes every detail of your performance come to life. Learn More

  • Concert 99 Presentation System

    Samson's Concert 99 Presentation combines 80 channels of high-definition audio and extreme reliability into a rugged all-metal, rack-mountable chassis with a stage-ready backlit display. Learn More

  • cosMik Lav

    cosMik Lav is a professional omnidirectional lavalier microphone, providing high quality audio recording for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and various Android devices. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 138 total

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