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  • MZ-223

    A powerful multi-channel, multi-zone mixer housed in a compact 2U design, The TASCAM MZ-223 offers versatile multi-zone audio routing, mixing, and segregation of several audio sources simultaneously. Learn More

  • MZ-372

    Designed for permanent installation, the TASCAM MZ-372 offers versatile routing, mixing, and control of multiple audio sources in an attractive easy to operate 3U package. Learn More

  • TM-10LB

    The ideal accessory for the industry leading DR-10L Bodypack Digital Recorder. Learn More

  • TM-180

    TM-180 is the standard model in the TASCAM microphone series that have been tested with the TASCAM products, specialized in the bright sound quality. In addition to this, the product includes a professional-use suspension to avoid noise mixing due to the microphone vibration during recording. Learn More

  • TM-280

    A complete studio package, the TM-280 microphone kit includes a rugged foam-lined case, and a custom designed pop filter that mounts directly to the professional quality shockmount. Learn More

  • TM-2X

    Record high-quality audio for high-definition video straight to your camera. Learn More

  • TM-80

    TM-80 is a condenser microphone designed and priced for home recording. Learn More

  • TM-AG1 Pop Filter

    Accessory Pack for DR-70D and DR-701D Learn More

  • TM-AM1 Microphone Stand

    Ideal for studio or stage, the TASCAM TM-AM1 is a lightweight, yet sturdy microphone stand which features a folding tripod base, adjustable boom arm and extendable secondary boom. Learn More

  • TM-AM2 Microphone Stand

    Perfect for broadcast, podcast or YouTube, the TASCAM TM-AM2 is a professional quality scissor arm microphone boom. Easily mounted to virtually any workspace, the TM-AM2 makes it easy to position your vocal mic in the perfect orientation. Learn More

  • TM-AM3 Microphone Stand

    Ideal for stage, studio or set, the TASCAM TM-AM3 is a professional quality microphone stand which features a heavy-duty, folding tripod base, adjustable boom arm and extendable secondary boom. Learn More

  • TM-AR1

    Take the room out of your recordings. Learn More

  • TM-Drums Microphone Kit

    The TM-DRUMS microphone kit from TASCAM has been created to provide the recording or live sound engineer with everything required to capture a truly inspiring soundscape. Learn More

  • TM-ST1

    Ideal for live recording, the TM-ST1 is a perfect accessory for TASCAM recorders. Learn More

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