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My Voice Karaoke

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Karaoke Software That Lets You Sing Karaoke and Create Custom Mixes Using The Music You Already Own!

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From: $39.95



Karaoke Software That Lets You Sing Karaoke and Create Custom Mixes Using The Music You Already Own!

With My Voice Karaoke, there’s no need to buy special karaoke versions of songs that you already own. This innovative Windows and Mac karaoke software simply lets you import tracks from your iTunes library, audio CDs, video files, and/or recordings from internet radio stations. My Voice Karaoke is one of the best karaoke software products available, because it acts as karaoke maker software that suppresses the lead vocal from your own recordings, (Vocal removal technology is accurate for about 80% of the audio CDs on the market today. My Voice Karaoke cannot remove vocals from live recordings and/or very old recordings).

My Voice Karaoke will automatically search the internet for lyrics to your favorite songs, or you can add the words and synchronize them to the music yourself. Use your computer’s microphone to sing karaoke along with your favorite recordings, and the karaoke software even adds some great sounding reverb to give your voice extra depth. Show the world your vocal abilities by taking a laptop out for a live performance, or record your performance and share it with your friends!

My Voice Karaoke even lets you change the pitch of the song higher or lower to fit your vocal range, and makes the song easier to sing. Additionally, song tempos (speed) can also be changed, in case you want to create a more up-beat dance version of a track. It couldn’t be easier to perform or record your own versions of the songs that you love with this great karaoke software!

Features include:

  •  Import songs from your iTunes library, audio CDs, video files, or record from Internet radio stations (supports WAV, AIF, MP3, WMA MP4, AC3 etc.).
  •  Karaoke maker software that removes voice tracks from most recordings.*
  •  Lyrics automatically imported when available, or if not, can be added by you.
  •  Easily sync lyrics to music. Highlight words like a karaoke jockey to make singing karaoke easy!
  •  Change the pitch of the recording and/or the song tempo to make it easier to sing karaoke.
  •  Studio-quality vocal reverb effect, to add depth and ambience to your voice.
  •  Great for both Windows and Mac karaoke singing!
  •  Language options include both English and French.

Become the star with this easy-to-use karaoke studio!
With My Voice Karaoke, you can remove the lead vocal on your favorite recording. Create karaoke-ready audio files for a live performance or have fun recording yourself in place of the original artist!

Import songs from a variety of sources
Import songs from a variety of sources including your iTunes library when available. You can even record songs directly from streaming internet radio stations!

My Voice Karaoke will let you open and save files in a variety of formats including WAV, AIF, MP3, WMA, MP4, and AC3. It even reads video files!

Adapt the song to suit your voice and singing style!
Easily change the tempo (playback speed) of the music, change the pitch, or change both at the same time to suit your needs!

  •  Change Tempo if you want the recording to go slower or faster without changing the pitch of the music.
  •  Change Pitch as much as one octave up or down without altering the speed of the music.

You can even use these features combined together!

Automatically highlight lyrics as the song plays
Lyrics are automatically imported when available, or you can type them in. You can synchronize the words to the music as it plays. Highlight words like a karaoke jockey!

Record, add reverb, and mix
Add studio-quality vocal reverb to your voice as you sing. It couldn’t be easier to perform or record your own versions of the songs you love!

Product Details

Product Details

UPC 746290121314
Manufacturer EMEDIA
System Requirements (Windows)
  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • PC soundcard
  • CD-ROM
  • Microphone recommended
System Requirements (Mac)
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • CD-ROM
  • Microphone recommended


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